Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18

WEEK 1 | Tues: 7/10 H.W.


  • Make sure your ELPs look/work the way you’d like. As mentioned yesterday, they should have the full required menu on them (“HOMEWORK”, “FINAL PROJECTS”, and either “IN-CLASS WORK”—or “DAILY REFLECTIONS” categories), as well as an “ABOUT” page that tells your peers a little bit about yourself. Make sure you send the link to your ELP to me if you haven’t yet done so.
  • Write a couple of paragraphs on your blog about last night’s reading. Some things you might think  about: What did you get out of the reading? Why do you think I had you read these pieces? How do you trigger the sense of wonder that Hiss describes as essential to ‘deep travel’? How might you do this when you’re photographing during this program?
  • Take/post sample photos (5-10) using any of the techniques that you learned in class today. Write a few sentences below each photo that explains what technique you used, how you did it, and why (how you think you might use it to reenforce a concept).
  • Photo shoot prep: wear comfortable clothes tomorrow as we may be doing a lot of walking. Also bring an umbrella/plastic bag to cover your camera as there may be rain in the forecast. Finally, make sure your battery/ies are charged, and that you have a memory card or two with SPACE on them before you go shoot. Oh and wear sunblock (even if it’s raining)!! For reals. (Love, Mom).
  • [ongoing…] Project 1: Inspired By (Due on Friday)

Amy Finkel • July 10, 2018

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