Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18

WEEK 1 | Thu: 7/12 H.W.


  • Final project 1: INSPIRED BY (Due tomorrow and Monday)
    Each of you gets TWELVE minutes to present, not only about your photographer and samples of your photographer’s work (outline/bio/work samples and links shown on your blog—in the final projects category), but also your photographs that emulate that photographer’s work. Plan two-four minutes to give a brief overview of your photographer and his or her work, then two-three minutes to show your photographs. This will leave a few minutes for critique. Some will be shorter and some may go over slightly.
  • Gallery Walk prep: Wear comfortable clothes/shoes tomorrow! Do not bring your camera if you don’t feel like lugging it around (there’s no need to bring your laptop or sketchbook either).
  • [Due Monday, done individually] Please post 10 photos of the same [small] object. Think about Deep Travel and being a flaneur.
  • IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO LEAVE THE GALLERIES ON YOUR OWN TOMORROW (without having to trek back to school with us right at 3:30pm): I need to have an email from one of your parents explaining that they’re ok with you heading out on your own at the end of the day.

Amy Finkel • July 12, 2018

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