Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18


THE FLANEUR Due Wednesday July 18th, at 9am sharp (PRINTED) Become a “Deep Traveller”; a “Flâneur”. Explore one small item….some ‘thing’. Really explore it. Look beyond the facade; discover the details (that to others may go unnoticed). Get closer. Get specific. Get intimate with your ‘thing’. Pay attention to all of your senses. What defines your particular…

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WEEK 1 | Fri: 7/13 H.W.

HOMEWORK: [Due Monday] Also, please take photos (no flash!) of your three favorite photographs from our MOMA visit today. Write a paragraph about each on your ELP; discuss what resonates with you about each photograph and discuss its elements of composition. What makes the photo successful? What is the photographer’s concept? How does the photographer…

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WEEK 1 | Fri: 7/13 D.O.

AM: Discussion about Final Project 2 >> “THE FLÂNEUR” (Also known as “Flâneuring In Deep [Travel]; due Tuesday) First critique: Project 1 » INSPIRED BY! 18 mins total—approx 3 mins per photographer and 6 mins to show your photographs / get critique… PM: FIELD TRIP TO MOMA !!! (Museum of Modern Art) 11 W 53rd Street:…

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