Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18

WEEK 2 | Mon: 7/16 H.W.


  • Final Project 2 (“THE FLANEUR”) is due Wednesday!
    Here’s the final output checklist here as well:

    • 6-12 photos total (no more than 12, no less than 6). Captioned or not—your preference.
    • Your essay should be cohesive and connected. We should see the through-line. Think about their sequence; what order the photos will go in.
    • These must be printed! (You’re learning photoshop and how to use our pro color classroom printers today; they’re color printers but your essay can be in color or b+w). Here are the printing steps again for the Epson SureColor printers in our classroom.
    • Please ALSO upload your photos in sequence to your ELP (this essay would go in the “Final Projects” category).
    • Please also write an artist’s statement that describes your photo essay, as well as what you think makes the essay cohesive and successful





Amy Finkel • July 16, 2018

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