Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18

WEEK 2 | Wed: 7/18 H.W.


  • Bring your cameras tomorrow (+ charged batteries / empty cards) and one or two lenses you might want to use to shoot video!!!
  • TUES, WED, or THURS night, please watch: STREETWISE, 1984, Dir. Martin Bell (and his wife, Mary Ellen Mark). 91 mins. Here are some additional resourches: IMDB PROFILE  |  Photo Essay by Mary Ellen Mark: “Streets of the Lost.” (In Time Magazine) |  LIFE Magazine  |  TINY: The Life of Erin Blackwell (2016): Trailer  |  Website
  • [In-Class Write/Discussion on Friday AM] Please write a paragraph (or more, preferably) about what resonated with you about Streetwise. What can you learn from watching it? Why do you think I showed you this film in particular? From what/whose perspective or POV is the story told? What is the role of the filmmaker/photographer? In what way is the camera used? What is the style of shooting? What sort of lenses do you think they used? How are the subjects in this film represented? What do you think the relationship was between the filmmakers and subjects? How do you think the filmmaker reached that level of intimacy/transparency? What was the primary role of the filmmaker during production in order to gather and tell the story? How is the narrative of the photo essay that the film came from structured? What sense of conclusion, message, or inquiry are we left with at the end of the photo essay, and now at the end of the film? Examine the effectiveness of technical devices that were used both in production and post-production. (Shooting techniques, camera angles, framing, perspective, etc.).
  • [Due Friday] Please read my ‘prison bus‘ essay. We’ll discuss it in class tomorrow.
  • [Due Friday] Write down a few notes in your sketchbook about what you might decide to photograph/reveal about yourself and how you might do so for Project 3: “Self / Reveal”
  • With your video partners (one per group): please rent the below equipment from the Equipment Center (to take out during the day tomorrow—pick up at lunchtime or before class). Here’s a list of all equipment available for rent this Summer.
  • A small video tripod
  • A Sennheiser ME-66 Shotgun Mic

Amy Finkel • July 18, 2018

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