Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18



Due Wednesday, July 27th, at 2pm.

Quanissia + Michele + Milan + Celeste
Isabel + Ximena + Bebe
Annie + Juliett + Seren
Leanne + Shennelle + Gaby + Kiana

Explore the expressive qualities of form, color, and texture, as well as the dramatizing effects of movement, speed and sound through the creation of a moving picture project. The only limits/stipulations?

  • You’ll create these video projects in groups of three.
  • Your video must be no longer than 2 minutes, no shorter than 40 seconds.
  • You must incorporate video footage (not simply stop motion or photo time lapse) into the project. That being said, your video does not need to be synced with mic[rophone] audio.
  • If you choose to add stop motion to your project, you may use 3D or 2D, either live action or tactile materials such as objects, photographs, drawings, clay, ink, paper, etc (anything that you like), or a span of time in an environment or of a person that changes. Think of what stopping and manipulating time allows you to do. Be as creative as possible. You’re creating magic here. Use any of the examples of stop motion / stop motion time lapse as inspiration (listed below: Animation Page 1 + Animation Page 2).
  • You must have a very clear concept for your piece before you begin creating it.
  • As this is in the educational domain, you may use any music you like. You do, however, need to credit the artist when you upload it to Vimeo. Sometimes bands will get upset, but if it’s in the educational domain and you’re not selling the video, it should be ok. You may need to add a note about doing it while working in a class.
  • *Only if it helps, here are some ideas of concepts that you may wish to explore in the story of your piece: Seeing | Memory | Perception | Oppression | Gluttony

Please use any of these videos / projects as inspiration:
Animation Page 1 | Animation Page 2 | Other video projects

Amy Finkel • July 19, 2018

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