Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18

WEEK 2 | Fri: 7/20 H.W.

HOMEWORK: Please also bring any video or audio footage you captured over the weekend to class on Monday (that is, bring your media cards, card readers, and your hard drives). You do not need to have your cameras in class on Monday. DUE TUESDAY at 12pm (PRINTED): SELF / REVEAL Photo Essay As per usual,…

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WEEK 2 | Fri: 7/20 D.O.

AM: In-Class Write / Discussion: Please write a paragraph (or more, preferably) about what resonated with you about Streetwise. What can you learn from watching it? Why do you think I showed you this film in particular? From what/whose perspective or POV is the story told? What is the role of the filmmaker/photographer? In what way…

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