Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18

WEEK 2 | Fri: 7/20 H.W.


  • Please also bring any video or audio footage you captured over the weekend to class on Monday (that is, bring your media cards, card readers, and your hard drives). You do not need to have your cameras in class on Monday.
  • DUE TUESDAY at 12pm (PRINTED): SELF / REVEAL Photo Essay
  • As per usual, take photographs (no flash) of three things in MOMI today and write a paragraph about each (why they resonated with you, etc.).
  • Project 4: MOVING IMAGE (VIDEO) is due next Wednesday at 2pm. So you’re [probably] working on two projects simultaneously this week; one with your partner, one without. You should already have your proposal, shot plan, and materials lists done. This weekend you’ll want to: shoot, shoot, shoot!
    In case you need the proposal/shot plan/details again, here you go:


  • What is your concept? Is there a linear story? Non-linear? An idea?
  • What is the goal or intended purpose(s) of the project?
  • What is your intended length?
  • Tell us WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW you plan to shoot. Be very explicit about each of these 5 elements. What materials will you need to make it? Where do you plan to shoot it? Will you shoot from one camera or two (One angle? Two? More?)?
  • Has any media work already been produced on this subject? Show us examples of these references and explain what is new, different, interesting, engaging about your approach?
    Style? (Any key stylistic elements in shooting, audio, editing, etc.). Show two examples (these can, of course, be from the lists we showed you in class).
  • Will you have sound in it? Music? Narration? If narration, who? what? Would you like to edit to the beat, or simply have it play at the same speed throughout?
  • Who is working on the project and what will the role of each person be?


  • List the ideal shots you hope to achieve during your shoot. This list will serve as a device to help make your shooting more thorough and aesthetically supportive of the story you wish to tell. Be very descriptive. This can be nothing more than a bullet list for both, but it must be extremely thorough (down to “scissors” or “tin foil,” or “feet,” etc…you get the idea). List EVERYTHING you’ll need to make this and also note whether or not you have it. Include a tripod and a lighting kit (or your own version of a lighting kit) if you’re going to need one.


Amy Finkel • July 20, 2018

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