Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18

WEEK 3 | Tue: 7/24 H.W.


  • Your final video and photo projects and preparation for the exhibition!
  • Due Tuesday by midnight or Wednesday by 12pm, depending on which printer you’d like to use: Your final exhibition photos as well as one main artist’s statement to accompany.
    These are your best photographs from the summer session. You may choose to print one full essay entirely, or choose photographs from a few projects; I’m leaving that creative freedom to you. Please consider how your photographs will look in sequence. Think about how you’d like to curate them. I’m here to help you do that, so feel free to ask me for advice.
    Also, you will create an “artist’s statement” for your exhibited work. You’re more than welcome to create more than one (if you have different statements for different photographs). Myles and I will be mounting those statements on foam core so that they may accompany your work as they would in a gallery. You MUST EMAIL ME YOUR ARTIST’S STATEMENT/S by Wednesday night at 7pm!!! I’ve not yet been told where you’ll be presenting your final exhibition, but if it’s in our classroom or a similar sized space, and we have 14 people in class, we can assume you may each present at least 10 photographs, depending on their size. You may wish to print more or less, depending on how large you print them (20 or so if they’re all 8.5″ x 11″, Five or so if they’re all 24″ x 30″ — you get the idea)…
    If you’re printing on the Durst, they must submitted by Thursday at 12pm. If you’re printing on the plotter, you must send them to print by Tuesday night at midnight!! A lot of people will be using the printers for the exhibitions, so you must leave some extra time. Again, here are the Durst + Plotter printing directions. I’m happy to help walk you through these this week. Remember, you pay for Durst prints using an actual credit card. The plotter deducts from your 300 summer printing points. You may print on either, but the Durst will give you superior prints.

Amy Finkel • July 24, 2018

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