Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18

WEEK 3 | Wed: 7/25 H.W.


  • Project 4: VIDEO is due tomorrow, Thursday, at 9am. We will export your projects to drives/vimeo on Thursday morning, as well as work on your artist’s statements.
  • EXPORT YOUR VIDEOS: How to export your videos using Apple Pro Res compression — these must be 1920 x 1080 @ 24fps. You will bring that version to me on a drive tomorrow AM.
    Two Tutorials: ONE  |  TWO
    As I showed you in class: Click “File” –> “Export” –> “Media”
    Here are the export settings:

    • Click the output filename and make sure you name it something so you now it’s your high res export. You may also want to put it in an “Exports” folder. I usually name it “___1080p_HighRes” (something like that).
    • Under the “Video” Tab, make sure the Video Codec is “Apple Pro Res 422”
    • Under “Basic Video Settings” make sure you click “Match Source” and that it says “1920×1080” below it.
    • Click “Queue”
    • It’ll open Adobe Media Encoder.
    • In there, click the file and then click the little green triangle so it starts encoding.
  • ALSO: Each of you should create your own free Vimeo account. It only allows for under 500mb for the file upload with the free account. Create the upload version by doing all the same steps above except for under the Video” Tab, make sure, instead of “Apple Pro Res 422” it says, “H.264” and then under “Basic Video Settings” unclick the little box next to the height and width of the project (“under Match Source”). Then next to height where it says, “1080px”, click 1080 and change it to 720. Then hit return. Then follow the rest of the steps. That’s your small Vimeo export version.
  • ARTIST’S STATEMENTS + Exhibit info listing: Email these to me as soon as you can and let me know if you’d like me to copy edit! We will be mounting them on foam core tomorrow with you and posting them next to your work.
    WHAT THIS MEANS: We will be mounting your work as a full show, which means that you will have your artist’s statement written (mounted on foam core) right next to your series of photos. If your artist’s statement is different from your final photo essay, please write a paragraph (this is the artist’s statement) about the essay you’re exhibiting. Think about the little blurbs next to photos at museums and galleries. Along with your artist’s statement, you’ll list your name, the title of the series or of each of the photographs (or both), the size of each print, as well as the medium on which you shot (digital) + what camera you shot on (and what lens, if you would like). Obviously the date is all 2015. Scroll down below any of these photos to see what I mean: Dorothea Lange | Cindy Sherman | Burk Uzzle (scroll below the photograph).
    Here’s an example/template (this is what I used last year):
    Beauregard Handelbarson
    Bird Dung on Foot, West Village, NY
    Digital Archival Print, 2016
    24″ x 32″
    Beauregard Handelbarson
    Sad Clowns, Coney Island, NY
    Digital-C Print, 2016
    30″ x 20.5″
    If you printed on the Durst, it’s called a “Digital C-Print.” Otherwise, if you worked on the plotter, you could write, “Digital Archival Print.” If you want to get specific about the paper on the photo plotter paper, it’s printed on “Thermal Satin Semi-Gloss Paper.”

Amy Finkel • July 25, 2018

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