Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18

WEEK 2 | Tue: 7/17 D.O.

AM: PRINTING!!! Printing on the Plotters or the Durst (out of the classroom)… Printing on the Pro SureColor Epson P800 Printers (in the classroom)… UPDATE: APPARENTLY THIS WILL TAKE PLACE AFTER LUNCH + FIELD TRIP!!! TUTORIALS YOU REQUESTED: Film Look from Digital Photo: This | This | This | This Dodge and Burn tools in Photoshop:…

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WEEK 2 | Mon: 7/16 D.O.

AM: Myles / Your Blogs and what’s missing!!! THESE MUST BE KEPT UP-TO-DATE! Final Critiques: “Inspired By” File/photo management Adobe Bridge Adobe Camera Raw editing Photoshop editing! Basic skin manipulation Color Correction Actions Masking Removing elements in backgrounds Preparation for printing—either Epson, Durst, or Plotters Creating a “film” look… (Texture + Nik Collection Analog Efx…

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WEEK 1 | Fri: 7/13 D.O.

AM: Discussion about Final Project 2 >> “THE FLÂNEUR” (Also known as “Flâneuring In Deep [Travel]; due Tuesday) First critique: Project 1 » INSPIRED BY! 18 mins total—approx 3 mins per photographer and 6 mins to show your photographs / get critique… PM: FIELD TRIP TO MOMA !!! (Museum of Modern Art) 11 W 53rd Street:…

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WEEK 1 | Thu: 7/12 D.O.

AM: Screening / The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography (Dir. Errol Morris / 1 hr + 16 mins) Portraits of students: FILM VS. DIGITAL Class discussion about Walter Benjamin, Lost Book Found, and the Tony Hiss and R. Murray Schafer readings, including a discussion/lecture by Myles about Walter Benjamin and what it is to be a…

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Two beach babes turn heads on the Coney Island boardwalk in 1974. (Ed Molinari/New York Daily News)

WEEK 1 | Wed: 7/11 D.O.

AM: PHOTO COMPOSITION: Part I Compositional Rules of Photography List of Photographs (for reference) Design Rules Laws of Gestalt Psychology Cheatsheet My phone number is: 917-293-6873 / Myles’ phone number is: 401-924-4338. DIRECTIONS: F train (NOT THE M, the F) at 14th street heading downtown to the very last stop on the F line: “Coney…

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WEEK 1 | Tues: 7/10 D.O.

AM: Student learning portfolios (how to navigate easily, getting rid of “sample pages”, “about” page vs. “about” posts, posting thumbnails and images, links, adding plugins, personalization, headers, widgets, etc.). Introduction to Project 1: “Inspired By” Reformatting your hard drives Learning about cameras / how to use / setup / etc… PM: How to check out equipment…

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WEEK 1 | Mon: 7/9 D.O.

AM: 10:30 am: Student Orientation in Tishman Auditorium, 63 Fifth Avenue PM: Student & Instructor Introductions Overview of Syllabus + Class Website Intro to student Learning Portfolios + Class Surveys *Note: You must be logged into “” to complete your survey. Discussion about tonight’s homework Tour of Parsons / Facilities *** IMPORTANT: TOMORROW *** Bring…

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Hi Everyone, This here is our class site for Parsons Summer 2018’s Digital Photography + Video. The site will serve as a central information hub for homework assignments, helpful tutorials, daily class outlines, reading materials/downloads, and more. You will be referencing the site daily, along with your own personal sites/portfolios (that you’ll create/design the first…

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