Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18

WEEK 3 | Fri: 7/27 D.O.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What an amazing three weeks! You should be so proud of yourselves! What impressive work you accomplished—and all in three weeks, no less!! I’m so proud of you; I hope you’re proud of your work too. You definitely should be! And I’m going to miss you so…please keep in touch (and I apologize in…

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WEEK 3 | Thu: 7/26 D.O.

AM: Exporting your video projects in correct res to my drive so I can create a VIMEO project with all of your videos together on it for online viewing. FINAL STUDENT PROJECTS listing on the class site. Load projects on this computer for critique (instructor’s station)! Discussion about getting your other assignments in by next Wednesday (I’ll explain). Film…

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WEEK 3 | Wed: 7/25 D.O.

AM + PM: Work in class (w/ editing help in the classroom) or in the field ALL DAY TODAY! You must check-in with us throughout the day. I will explain what this means in the beginning of class. Amy to work on our great experiment: FILM vs. DIGITAL!!!

WEEK 3 | Tue: 7/24 D.O.

AM / 9:00 – 10:00am: Final Student Projects Premiere Pro Video Tutorials: P.P. Keyboard Shortcuts: ONE  |  TWO  |  THREE Split Screen Video Tutorial Titling + Titling in latest CC Release: ONE  |  TWO Basic Color Correction Color Grading More Video editing in Adobe Premiere: Using MP3 Files (youtube to mp3) Encoding MP3 files for use in Premiere (convert…

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WEEK 3 | Mon: 7/23 D.O.

AM: Video editing in Adobe Premiere: Organizing & Logging footage Importing / Ingesting / Encoding Bins: (Music, Sequences, Titles, Interviews, B-Roll, Sound effects, Still images, etc). Intro to the premiere environment.. ~ key… The timeline: Editing / Cutting / Trimming / Marking / Moving / Overlaying clips J, K, L keys Period (overwrite), Comma (bring…

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WEEK 2 | Fri: 7/20 D.O.

AM: In-Class Write / Discussion: Please write a paragraph (or more, preferably) about what resonated with you about Streetwise. What can you learn from watching it? Why do you think I showed you this film in particular? From what/whose perspective or POV is the story told? What is the role of the filmmaker/photographer? In what way…

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WEEK 2 | Thu: 7/19 D.O.

AM: How-to: Mics, tripods, audio recorders, and video recording (1080p / 24 fps)!! HOW -TO set your camera (if 6D—otherwise google your camera’s manual) for 1920 x 1080 (“1080P”) at 24fps: Click here  Slow motion footage (not in post-production but for use in post from camera itself): Interpreting footage in Premiere  |  Why 60fps? How…

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WEEK 2 | Wed: 7/18 D.O.

AM: FINAL PROJECT CRITIQUE: “The Flaneur“ Trimming paper with Myles! . PM: Introduction to Photo Essay: SELF / Reveal (Due Monday) VIDEO!! Stop motion + time lapse! (animation page one + animation page two)! Art + Photography + Other videos!

WEEK 2 | Tue: 7/17 D.O.

AM: PRINTING!!! Printing on the Plotters or the Durst (out of the classroom)… Printing on the Pro SureColor Epson P800 Printers (in the classroom)… UPDATE: APPARENTLY THIS WILL TAKE PLACE AFTER LUNCH + FIELD TRIP!!! TUTORIALS YOU REQUESTED: Film Look from Digital Photo: This | This | This | This Dodge and Burn tools in Photoshop:…

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