Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18

WEEK 1 | Fri: 7/13 H.W.

HOMEWORK: [Due Monday] Also, please take photos (no flash!) of your three favorite photographs from our MOMA visit today. Write a paragraph about each on your ELP; discuss what resonates with you about each photograph and discuss its elements of composition. What makes the photo successful? What is the photographer’s concept? How does the photographer…

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WEEK 1 | Thu: 7/12 H.W.

HOMEWORK: Final project 1: INSPIRED BY (Due tomorrow and Monday) . Each of you gets TWELVE minutes to present, not only about your photographer and samples of your photographer’s work (outline/bio/work samples and links shown on your blog—in the final projects category), but also your photographs that emulate that photographer’s work. Plan two-four minutes to give…

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WEEK 1 | Wed: 7/11 H.W.

[DUE TOMORROW, 7/12] Please post a 5-8 photo essay from your time at Coney Island (5-10 photos; not a written essay). If you’d like to post more, post them in a separate “Coney Island Favorites” photos post. This should be a single 5-8 photo essay in one post. Please caption each of the photos with quotes…

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WEEK 1 | Tues: 7/10 H.W.

HOMEWORK: Make sure your ELPs look/work the way you’d like. As mentioned yesterday, they should have the full required menu on them (“HOMEWORK”, “FINAL PROJECTS”, and either “IN-CLASS WORK”—or “DAILY REFLECTIONS” categories), as well as an “ABOUT” page that tells your peers a little bit about yourself. Make sure you send the link to your ELP to me…

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WEEK 1 | Mon: 7/9 H.W.

Homework Be sure to complete your class survey and email us (Amy’s email: Sorry, you need Javascript on to email me./ Myles’ email: Sorry, you need Javascript on to email me.) the link to your Learning Portfolio. *Note: you must be logged into “” to complete your survey. *** IMPORTANT *** Tomorrow please bring: — your…

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