Parsons • Digital Photo + Video • Summer '18



U432 PRINT OUTPUT CENTER (4th floor of the U.C./student center): Plotter order submissions…

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Printing Labs & Classrooms”
  3. Click “Photo Plotters” on the menu at the left.
  4. Under “Location” you’ll notice, “Photo plotter print requests can be made online using the Large Format Photographic Print Order Form.” Click that and fill it out.
  5. You’ll notice the pricers are at the bottom of the “Location” page above (before you get to the form). The plotter deducts $$ from your summer printer credits.
  6. Turnaround time: 48 hours
  7. *Note* / When saving as a “Photoshop PDF,” make sure you flatten your image first.

THE DURST: How to Submit Digital C-Prints

Step 1: Decide what paper you’d like to print on.

Please consult the cost list for paper type and pick up availability. Remember, for the exhibition you guys can print on LUSTER, METALLIC, GLOSSY, or MATTE (though matte isn’t as “matte” as you would like for it to be). Here’s Hashem’s printing schedule—TOP PHOTO: 

Step 2: Prepare your files in Photoshop.

  • Resolution: 254 ppi
  • Bit-depth: 8-bit
  • Color Space: RGB
  • Profile: Adobe RGB (1998)
  • Rendering Intent: Perceptual
  • File Type: TIFF (uncompressed)
  • Longest side: no longer than 156 inches (13 ft)
  • Shortest side: less than 30 inches
  • Flatten all images
  • Name: netID and file number (smitj679_01.tif)

Step 3:

Submit your files via Durst FTP program (Fetch) — here’s the “how-to” guide:
Please be sure to name them correctly (see above) and put them all in a folder titled: your_full_name_durst_paper_type (insert your name in place of “your_full_name,” obviously, and “_matte”, “_luster”, “metallic”, or “_glossy” where “paper_type” is).

Step 4: Fill out the Digital C Request (Durst) Form.

Here’s a link to the request form. (The form is also located at > Forms > Digital C Request (Durst) Form).

*Note: Your files will NOT be printed until a Durst Job Request Form is filled out.

Step 5: Fill out Payment Form.

Here’s a link to the payment form.
The form is also located at > Digital C Printing > Online Payments:

  • Select ERC online payment center.
  • Select AMT Durst (Digital C) Prints.
  • Select paper type and fill out form accordingly.

If you are printing Metallic, you select “pearl” on the payment form.

If you are printing Matte, you select “Luster” on the payment form.

*Note: Your files will NOT be printed until a Payment Form is filled out. You will be asked to present your email receipt at pick-up.

Step 6:

Please pick up prints in 66 5th Ave N502 (please see a technician for assistance). You should pick them up ON THURSDAY from 5-6pm. Check them to make sure they look the way that you’d like…

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