Video Project

Practice Video

Final Video

In the practice video, I used parallelism when shooting to clips in a similar style and placing them back to back. I used contrast through textures like the soft comforter and hard reflective windows. I used simultaneity by manipulating the opacity of two clips and overlapping them over each other at the same time. I included symbolism by depicting a door shutting, representing my exit from home into the world to start my  day. I used contrast in the setting, which went from an intimate place like my bed to a professional space like school.

For my final video, I wanted to depict the story that unfolds after leaving behind the Arab world as a young girl. I portrayed this in the style of a fashion film, featuring two Arab girls exploring the city, their brand new environment. I used linear time to tell this, as well as non-linear B-roll shots to break up the main footage. The video is titled “Sweet as 3asal,” or “honey,” in Arabic. The word honey often applies to femininity and innocence in the Arabic language, which I wanted to redefine in this video.

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