Bridge 1 LP post – Avatar portraits


He likes British band, Beatles. He grows a mustache and wearing big sunglasses like them in the 1960s.


He is a student in the 1980s. He wants to follow the trend to go to school, like denim shirts with a ball cap.




He is an arrogant man, always got angry and underrate other people.

He is a sick old man, so always lethargic. He doesn’t know how to use a smartphone so he always brings his small old mobile phone.




(Concept) Since 20xx, most of humanity uses social network service, therfore many people start to get problem in real life like meeting people with face to face. He is a curious man and wants to hide behind the mask because of social phobia. The mask looks smile but nobody cannot see his emotion.


He had audition for musical. His dream is become famous singer in all of the world.


September 25, 2018





What I heard in critique was make a connection between three images. It was helpful because I realize how I can develop these images.


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