ENVY Tribe Ritual Video


A “tribe” or collection of people that are entrapped in world of instant gratification for inclusion. This tribe metaphorically is like a sparkler, bright at first, but short lived. As their tribe ritual, they layer repetitively masking their individual identity. This may be internally or externally, they compress their opinions to flow with the mainstream of acceptability. In this video, Envy Tribe, the concept of layering is regarded into fashion trends. Trends are short lived due to season, political atmosphere, culture evolution, morality, access to publicity, etc. Thus, trends may have come and go, the clothes still toppled over the main character’s true identity. The way out of this tribe is by accepting one’s position and accepting their individuality. Pleasing themselves rather than to please others is therefore the ideal goal to a satisfactory life.







In this video, I had three actors portraying the peer pressure of fashion trends, making the center character envious to be like her surrounding friends. We had planned trends that were either obvious or subtle, making the motives for the trends itself as a questionable. Technique wise, I left the camera rolling and fluctuated the speeds from scene to scene. More specifically, when the main character slows down to real time. The contrast of the speeds becomes most apparent at the end when the two speeds are put next to each other. Therefore, I learned the technique of speed and duration on premiere, as well as color quality of contrast and brightness. Next time, I would take more footage of different angles. It’s better to have too much footage than not enough.


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