Final Self Portrait Assignment (Intro Seminar 1: Avatar)

Here is the final version of my Self-Portrait assignment from my Intro Seminar 1 class. If you recall, I recently uploaded my initial draft with my written revisions on it and everything. This is the product of those revisions.

Charles Ta

Veronica Padilla

First Year Integrative Seminar 1: Avatar

September 12, 2016

Multifaceted and Fragmented

Like a vigilant owl, I have, throughout my life, watched the world around me destroy itself and spread its seeds of conflict. I have, as a result, contemplated its injustice– seeming pessimistic to others, but unbeknownst to them, far more introspective, philosophical, and insightful than previously thought. Like the World Turtle, too, I have felt, at times, the burden of the world on my shoulders, and have isolated myself in a shell of doubt, fear, and insecurity, being my own worst self-critic all the while by adding only more weight to my already strained shoulders out of perfectionism and ambition. Even with all this pressure, others see me as patient and level headed. As a lion, I like to see my own actions as noble, virtuous, and for the benefit of the majority, even if some say my artistic and creative ambitions are too quixotic to manifest themselves, however courageous and idealistic they may be. Beyond my physical tallness and skinniness lies an oceanic, dynamic world with endless possibilities, and a soul that lives and breathes whilst envisioning a better world, creating and developing countless ideas in the forms of art, stories, and poems meant to teach and heal mankind and make all of us recognize the inherent flaws within us and our society. Though I may seem rigid and stoic on the outside, the reality could not be further from the truth: I am the type of person ambitious, passionate, and curious enough to realize my dreams, to search for meaning, order, and purpose amidst the chaos of this world. Having been sheltered and forced into a very closed mindset for most of my life, I know now that, deep within, I crave the freedom and fulfillment that comes with self-expression, and the knowledge and wisdom that can be discovered in the journey that is life at its deepest– a journey that is both beautiful and yet terrifying– poetic and yet cacophonic.

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