Completed Intro Studio Personal Flag Project

Face 6-- The Hero

Face 6– The Hero

Based on the ideas and sketches I showed all of you in my sketchbook, I was able to construct a cube made out of Bristol paper and draw the several aspects and facets of me on each face of the cube, remembering to also include the pattern I did in Adobe Illustrator, which is symbolic of the poet-philosopher side of me that loves science fiction (Shakespeare plus spaceship cross pattern) and of my tendency to have inner clashes with myself (whether these clashes are motivated by my own indecisiveness or my own instances of self-criticism). Below are the pictures of each face. Enjoy!

Face 2-- The Ascended Monk

Face 2– The Ascended Monk

Face 3-- The Rebel

Face 3– The Rebel

Face 4-- The Starship Captain

Face 4– The Starship Captain

Face 5- The Lion Weighed down by many things

Face 5- The Lion Weighed down by many things

Face 1

Face 1– The Poet-Philosopher

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