Drawing and Imaging Visual Narrative with Quotes

Washington Square Park 1

Washington Square Park  Drawing 3

Washington Square Park Drawing 2

Washington Square Park Drawing 2

Washington Square Park Drawing 3

Washington Square Park Drawing 1










Here are my scanned printouts of my drawings of Washington Square Park with quotes added on Photoshop– based on sounds and phrases I heard from my environment in the Park. Overall, what I know for sure was the highlight and the best part of my drawings was the amount of detail and nuance that went into each one of them, this applying especially to my drawing of the Washington Square Park Church. The value, shading, and sense of depth, foreground, and background in my drawings are also great. My biggest weakness in my drawings, however, continues to be the lack of line thickness and strength I incorporate into some of the abstract forms and shapes that tessellate and construct my drawings as a whole, and my occasional issues with seeing the big picture in the artistic pieces I am creating from real life.


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