Canvas Fabric (Final Material for Body Extension Project)

I finally managed to get some Canvas Fabric to use for my Body Extension Project from Hamed Fabrics in NYC’s Garment District. Here is a picture of the fabric. The picture of my final body extension project will be up soon. I will also be uploading my final curatorial statement, my final exhibition postcard, and pictures of my sensorium based items that I will incorporate into my postcard/press release alongside the final body extension project.

Details about the Canvas fabric:

The fabric roll is approximately 1.5 yards in length– long enough to surround and tighten around my waist and a little more once, for the sake of stability and maintenance. In terms of height or width, the fabric is 3ft, 6-7 in. I cut off a foot wide strip of fabric to use as the strap I will wrap around my waist, making the new width of the fabric 2ft and 6-7 in. The final fabric which will support the rest of my body extension with feature a sort of “fabric latch” system that will allow parts of the fabric to slide into small slits on the other side of the fabric upon being wrapped around, functioning like a buckle and belt (this is better depicted rather than described).

Canvas Fabric

Canvas Fabric

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