Gestalt Color Theory + Transparent Colors (Drawing and Imaging: Language)

This week, in my Drawing and Imaging class, we began learning about color theory and about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. We also learned how to mix colors, the psychology of colors and their roles in advertising and media, and about the properties of colors (hue, intensity/brilliance, and value), not to mention how to increase the value or brilliance of colors depending on the colors in the background around them. My most recent assignment involves choosing a color and changing its value depending on the color around it, making two instances of the same color look different (darker or lighter) based on their surrounding second color, changing a color’s brilliance, and making two different colors look the same based on their backgrounds. I had to create design patterns that reflected this on Illustrator, and that is exactly what I did (links to my designs are below).

Gestalt Color Theory

Gestalt Color Theory 2

We also, as an additional part to our Gestalt color theory assignment, had to create a depiction of transparent colors (colors overlapping over one another in a unique, abstract way to create new colors or mixed colors). Below is my depiction of transparent colors (done on Illustrator):

Transparent Colors

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