Bridge 5 (Final Bridge project) Artist Statement Draft– Intro Seminar

For my Intro Seminar class’s last Bridge Project before the end of the semester, I was tasked with creating a draft, and later finalizing and writing, an artist statement that would explain and reflect why I create what I create, what materials I have used throughout the semester and what conceptually is behind their use in Intro Studio, as well as the ideas behind my work and which ideas I would like to explore further along the road as an artist. The Artist Statement is three paragraphs long, with the last one detailing autobiographical experiences that have influenced me in my path towards an artist and the making of my work (as well as the concepts I have embedded within my work). Below is a picture of a draft of my Artist Statement. Soon to come will be Intro Studio’s complementary Mind Map project, which is supposed to depict a student’s emotional, psychological, material, or conceptual journey throughout the semester in the class, starting from the beginning– where a student would have done the Personal Flag project all the way to now. The Mind Map, overall, is supposed to chronicle all the new things the student learned, the difficulties and struggles experienced by the student, and his or her triumphs and successes (or failures) through his or her creative work.

The title of my Artist Statement is “Argus”, referring to the giant in Greek mythology with a hundred eyes (alludes to me seeing hundreds of possibilities in my art and writing, and my ability to observe and see things from multiple perspectives and relate abstract concepts together). Argus also refers to the shipbuilder of the Argo in the tale of Jason and the Argonauts, characterizing me as an artist that invents and creates art and writes stories as metaphysical vessels for messages, themes, and profound ideas, vessels carrying virtue, justice, and love– all things cherished by heroes and good, moral people. Besides this, Argus also refers to Odysseus’s faithful dog, representing my own loyalty and faithfulness to my ideas and art.

Artist Statement (Draft)

Artist Statement (Draft)   Note: *Thousand at the last sentence, should be hundred.


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