Time: Frame– Time: Trapped– Process and Action as Form (1st Project)

Despite only attending my Time: Frame class, one of my 2nd semester classes, for a mere few days, I already know Time is going to be one of my favorite classes because of the possibilities I will be able to realize and the new things I will be able to learn. Our first project for the class involved creating a list of 50-60 verbs that described how we “moved” and how we created art (our thinking process), based on videos about art that we also had to watch, then isolating 10-15 of those verbs that we thought were interesting, then drawing or finding other ways to express these verbs, and finally choosing one verb and finding out the best way to manifest it, whether through drawing, painting, film, animation, etc. Up to this point, I have finished the first project up to drawing and finding ways to express by favorite 10-15 verbs, but the final step is not due until February– so an update will be coming to this post soon. Below are pictures I took of my verbs and drawings in my sketchbook that I will use for Time: Frame:

10-15 action verb list

Verb sketches page 1

Verb sketches page 2

Verb Sketches page 3




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