2 Rules for Daily Drawings– Intro Studio 2: Visual Culture

In my Intro Seminar 2: Visual Culture class, I recently got started on the class’s first project– doing 6 or 7 daily writing assignments or journal entries on this ELP about any particular topic of our choosing or interest (one entry per day). To complement this, in my Intro Studio 2 class, I have also recently gotten started on that class’s first project– 12 drawings (2 per day) that had to follow two certain sets of self-imposed rules that would constrict what we could do in our drawings in order to stimulate our creativity. Below are my two rules written down in what is known in the 12 drawing assignment as a “Color Key” or a “Mood Board”. One set of rules (or one rule) will be attributed to one drawing, with the other set of rules adhering to my second drawing for each day. Of note is the fact that all the drawings will have to be the same size and done on the same materials. (I’ll be doing my drawings on regular computer paper).

RULE ONE: There must always be a spaceship of some sort in the background of the drawing. It can also be incorporated into the drawing itself.

RULE TWO: The “drawing” must be done on Adobe Illustrator and depict the topic of the daily journal entries from Intro Seminar 2 in the style of a minimalistic book cover.

To exemplify: Since my journal entry for Day 1 consisted of a poem called “Elegy to the Eagle’s Nation”– which I posted in a previous post (a poem that has undertones for the “death of America”), my drawing, adhering to Rule Two, will depict in a minimalistic fashion the subject matter of the poem.

2 Rules

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