Intro Studio 2: Visual Culture Booklet How-to Project and Reflection

For my first project for Intro Studio 2: Visual Culture, the class and I had to create a “how-to” booklet on a skill we thought we could teach other students in a lesson during class (the skill had to be taught in 5 minutes and have 5-6 steps). My booklet, although made hastily as a result from confusion regarding assignments due to being absent from my first Intro Studio class as a result of a knee injury, taught students within the group I was assigned to how to create their own minimalistic flags for their fantasy or sci-fi universes on Adobe Illustrator. I will post the contents of my booklet below as well as my reflection of how my lesson went:

My reflection of my lesson:

Having had little to no time to prepare for my lesson regarding my skill of flag design before class, I had to start my lesson on the fly and improvise my guidelines on the go. Because I had not realized how much text I had incorporated into my booklet, teaching my group my lesson took longer than it should have (and consisted of me in the beginning monologuing the directions while showing them my work on Illustrator in my laptop). It wasn’t until I was told halfway in my lesson that everyone in my group had to follow along with my directions with, in my case, their own laptops and Illustrator softwares that I switched gears and helped everyone create their own flags on Illustrator by briefly summarizing each of my booklet’s steps rather than going over minor technical details. Unfortunately, as it turned out, not everyone in my group had Adobe Illustrator in their laptop– one of my group’s classmates had to share a laptop with someone else to catch up to what I was directing. By the time the time I was allotted for my lesson ended, most of the group had made it to Step 4 of my flag design booklet (coloring the flag and adding shapes), which I was happy of. Everyone in my group learned my skill after also knowing the principles of flag design, but because of certain difficulties, the lesson can only be considered a moderate success in the end. Some things went exactly as I expected them to go in the lesson– other things, like the lack of softwares in some of my groups’ members that was needed for success in my lesson, were surprising, and unexpected.

Below is my actual booklet on how to design a flag for a hypothetical fantasy or science fiction government, political body, or corporation or organization, in link form:

Booklet pdf


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