Day 2 Daily Intro Studio 1st and 2nd Rule Set Drawings

Here are my Day 2 Intro Studio daily drawings. The first drawing, as before, follows my 1st rule of always including a spaceship in the background or into the work. The second drawing, likewise, follows my 2nd rule (always using Adobe Illustrator and visually expressing through a minimalist book cover my Intro Seminar 2 journal entries). My second drawing visually expresses my response to Joan Didion’s “On Keeping a Notebook” relating to my own feelings of loneliness in the past and a very personally striking quote by Didion herself, as well as my past habit of keeping multiple diaries.

1st Rule Drawing:

Starship Drawing Day 2

2nd Rule Drawing:

On Keeping a Notebook Response- Shadows, Spies, Stars, Syzygys– an Allegorical Memoir

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