Day 4 Intro Studio 2 Drawings (1st and 2nd Rule set)

Though I may be a day behind on my drawings (because of how much work I put into them, among other assignments), below, as with the previous three days, are my drawings following the two rules I stipulated at the beginning of the week. Remember: 1st rule– first drawing set must have a starship in the background or incorporated into the drawing. 2nd rule– must be a minimalist book cover rendering of whatever topic I discussed in my Intro Seminar 300-word entry. In this case, my 2nd rule drawing refers to “The Sentencing”– a postmodernist, fantastical short story I made up occurring in the city of Lexica, where words and letters are people, and the political turmoil that goes on with the ever changing tides of the conventions of language itself.

1st Rule set drawing:

Starship Drawing 4 (above) 2nd Rule set drawing (below):




The Sentencing– A History of Lexica


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