Day 4 Journal Entry– The Sentencing, and a History of Lexica


Exclamation was punished for his loudness and disturbance of the peace–how outrageous! Question was punished for questioning the conventions of language–but to what end if he could not stop querying? Ellipsis was condemned for staying silent even after excruciating torture–poor soul… Colon, comma, and semicolon were all damned for trying to prolong the reign of tyrannical insane run-ons; they thus had their sentences prolonged– not by many years or decades, but by the following amount: indefinitely. Parentheses and Brackets were equally doomed for apparently housing secret rebel words and letters behind the government’s back, breaking the flow of the sentence (although it was all for a good cause, and in the words of Brackets himself “was done for the [liberty] of Lexica). Countless lowercase letters clashed with the uppercase letters and were reprimanded by the Lexican Correctional Police Force. And Period, in the end, judged them all, and established each offender’s proper sentence.

Lowerism– lowercase letters subjugated the richer, taller uppercase letters

Casism- Uppercase letters took back control of the government, and re-established their elitist views.

Hyperboleans– believers of the existence of the island of Hyperbolea, where everything is exaggerated and fields of purple prose are in abundance.

Age of Proofreaders– Lexican government turned into shadow of its former self. Censorship ran amok as negatives words and letters were “erased” by a corrupt police force. Expletives were declared enemies of the state, and thus were purged or exiled.

Synonymy– a horrific nightmare. Everyone is the same, and all similar words were placed under one label, causing wordism, and prejudice to brew.

Sesquipedelianism– long, obscure, pompous words are put in power. Nothing ever gets done because everyone is forced to speak in overly complicated sentences.

Adjectivism– the creation of the ideal description. A word’s purpose is to have meaning. Reality can only be described superficially. No in-depth symbolism allowed.



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