Day 6 Journal Entry– Earthspace

Earthspace is truly, a mysterious place that, according to scientists should not logically exist. Layers upon layers of dirt, soil, and heated rock have surrounded our “hollow-worlds”– our irregular cavern-worlds for what we can only estimate as billions upon billions of years. For as long as we star-moles could remember, we lived in near absolute darkness. We, over many centuries, warred blindly for possession of territories, resources, and continents within our caverns. We built cities and kingdoms pointed towards each other on opposite walls of our hollow-worlds. We dug large holes in earth-time and explored other hollow-worlds, traversing deeper and yet still deeper caverns, until we hit bedrock and felt the heat of “The Core”. From there, we united and advanced, wanting to acquire that power that felt so amazing, as we had been living for far too long in coldness and in a stifling blackness. We built geothermal drill-ships thanks to the advances of scientists and engineers as we grew more and more sapient and evolved with better eyesight and leaner bodies, and obtained the necessary technology to explore still more hollow-worlds infinitely farther away from us in this universe we began to conquer. We discovered metallic “mineral-stars”, crushed over billions of years, forming gargantuan sources of ore and gemstone that we mined to build still larger fleets of “drill-ships”, and brought into being kinetic “quake-weapons” to expand our reach, and generate seismic energy sources. But “The Core” was our goal. After several millennia, we had found life. Layers of dirt did not stop us star-mole peoples from subjugating the ant-peoples, the mighty Terraworms, and the terrifying Drillslugs. Once we drilled past bedrock, we encountered The Mantle, and the Nemaeans (worm-people) who claimed to be our primordial Makers, and apparently worshipped “The Core”. They warned us that if “The Core” was lost, Earthspace would collapse, and all life would be destroyed. We didn’t care. The Condylurian Empire had the right to own the most powerful source of energy in Earthspace. The Nemeans warred with us as we did with them, but we soon found out that they were truly invincible. Today, we are still fighting the Core Wars with them. But we shall achieve victory. And when “The Core” is finally harnessed, we will become the rulers of Earthspace.

–Xynogis, Appointed Historian for Condylurian Empire under Emperor Moluzuma III.


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