Time: Frame Action Verb Project Final Comic– The Trials of Intellect

The Trials of Intellect Cover

In my previous post about my Time: Frame 60 action verbs, I mentioned which verbs I drew and which one I chose in the end for my final comic project (to “fly” mentally to the edges of common knowledge). Above and below are the cover and pages of the fantasy comic I created and scanned for clarity with my new verb being “to search for meaning”– a change from “to fly mentally”. The comic involves the quest of a traveling magician-warrior to find the meaning to all life and existence. He passes through a portal into another dimension, encounters nine trials and thus nine boss monsters that he must defeat, but finds a surprise at the last trial before the answer can be found. We find out by reading that the protagonist may not be a hero 100%, and in fact has a dark enough past, and twisted enough motives, to classify him as an antihero because of the fact he killed eight of the nine boss monsters, who were innocent, and were merely trying to keep humans away from knowing the secret to life, each monster being a god or goddess in a domain of virtue or intellect, and thus having a different view of the meaning of life.

Trials of Intellect 2nd Page

The Trials of Intellect Page 3

The Trials of Intellect Page 4

The Trials of Intellect Page 5

The Trials of Intellect Final Page

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