Collage Project (Time: Frame) Steps 1-4

Flamecalabus the Protector (INTERESTING– it’s a Chimera!)

The Watchers (INTERESTING– the almost-worship of television). Techno-religion for the win (or lose)

The Book of Creatures (INTERESTING– the creatures almost seem to come out of the books as if they were alive, as if their world becomes too real).

Victoria the Aberration

The Elephant General

The Skull and the Sceptre Transmute the Princess


With the end of the Spring 2017 semester in less than two months (right around the corner), I was assigned for my Time: Frame class my penultimate second-to-final project to complete. This “collage” project consists of several steps that are in progress of being completed.

Step 1 involves taking pictures of or bringing in to class a group of 20+ objects, all from different times.

With these 20 or more objects, the professor then tasked me and the other students in the class to commence onto Step 2 of the project: Draw or digitally render simple outlines of all 20+ objects of different times in question. I chose to draw all my objects (since I wanted a break from using so much Photoshop and Illustrator all the time, and wanted to get back to drawing like I used to in my first semester classes). I also had to guess from which time more or less each object I took a picture of originated from– but for me this was more or less easy since many of my pictures of objects were from museums.

After I brought in my drawings in my sketchbook of all my chosen objects. The professor moved everyone along to Step 3 of the collage project: We were all now tasked with fusing and shuffling around portions of our object drawings with other object drawings to create new “forms” or interesting relationships between the objects we drew before, so that the times they came from could clash, contrast, or meld together, in the spirit of Time: Frame. The professor told us to do this before our next class over the weekend, and let us know of the incoming steps left in this collage project:

Step 4 will involve in the near future the task of us students choosing which one of our fused object “collages” are most interesting to us. Since I did 7 drawings, I will probably choose 3 or 4 for Step 4.

Continuing on to Step 5, students will be tasked to take the most interesting collaged objects from Step 4, and create a “world” for one or more of the collaged objects or forms to live in– a sort of environment that could be expressed through writing, painting, or some other form. The world will have to follow and exist in some sort of non-linear time progression, or exist in a specific moment.

Step 6, the last step of the project, involves creating a singular object, whether that is a painting, a drawing, a gif, a sculpture, a photo collage, or some other type of collage, that all-encompasses the essence of all the fused objects into one creation. This part of the project will not commence until around the second week of April.

Above, I have posted my Step 3 fused drawings that were created using computer paper and pencil. I then scanned the drawings, changed their brightness and contrast, and changed them even more in Photoshop to highlight the line quality and strength of my fusions. I will indicate for Step 4 which drawings are most interesting to me by writing INTERESTING next to the captions or names of my drawings.

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