Collage Project: Steps 5-6 (Time: Frame)

Deichotomy or Pandualoth Tarot Card

As an update to my previous post on my Collage Project, my professor told me after completing my initial collages drawings that I had to draw more collages so I could choose from a wider variety of drawings. I ended up drawing and scanning 7 more collages as part of Step 4 of my project (redone). They are posted below. After doing 7 more collages, my professor told me to do MORE collages by collaging my already existing collages into new collages (if that makes any sense) by cutting up scanned copies of my existing collages and collaging them together over new paper. I chose to cut and paste together bits and pieces of my collages on black construction paper and managed to create 3 more super-collages after thinking long and hard of what I wanted the final renditions to look like.

After that assignment, I was finally able to move on to Step 5 of my Collage Project. Ignoring my previous post about which collages I found most interesting, I chose the super-collage out of the ones I did on black construction paper that I found most interesting– which will be labeled as INTERESTING in the caption. This super-collage that I chose was the one I created a world or universe around, eventually turning this collage-creature into a god or deity with an entire mythology around it.

Step 6 was basically me re-creating this chosen super-collage with an entire mythology around it into one final object. I chose to do a tarot-card esque Adobe Illustrator poster showing “Pandualoth”– the monster, in its full glory, seeing as the its two heads going in opposite directions and its two opposing arms elicited the dichotomous aesthetic of a king or queen in a playing card. On top of the tarot card, I created an entire epic poem surrounding the mythology of Pandualoth and how it is a god or creature destined to destroy and recreate the Universe in an endless cycle through no fault of its own, but through sheer accident in its mad quest to destroy itself, each half trying to destroy the other as primordial forces of creation and destruction– light and darkness. This project continues the trend of my work tending to be thematically spiritual, fantastical, or epic in scale and subject. Step 6, is, of course, shown above as a .jpg file, with the epic poem I wrote as an actual document or as text. Enjoy!

Extra Collage 1

Extra Collage 2

Extra Collage 3

Extra Collage 4

Extra Collage 5

Extra Super-Collage 1

Extra Super-Collage 2


Pandualoth Tarot Card Initial Sketch

Deichotomy or Pandualoth Poem


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