The War of the Four Nations Comic (Core Seminar/Studio 2D)







For my first major project in my Core Seminar and Core Studio 2D course, I was given by my professors the assignment to create an Experimental Picture Book/Comic over the course of several weeks. Using four out of several techniques used in various children’s books shown to me by Steven Guarnaccia, among other professors and illustrators, I created an Experimental Comic called “The War of the Four Nations” using the strategies of “god-like”, “simultaneity”, “wordless”, and “the sketchbook” to convey a unique narrative. The comic has four panels on each page, all depicting one of four different perspectives occurring at once simultaneously within the same overarching story (simultaneity). The comic also makes no use of words, and is thus wordless (with the exception of a supplementary document– either an introduction, or epilogue, which clarifies the story and conveys it in written form– something one of my professors felt I should add), makes use of subtly different art styles done with pencil (as if in a sketchbook), and features important characters that have the god-like ability to travel to other “panels” instantaneously (as if they were “hopping” between dimensions) and thus invade and interrupt other storylines. As part of my first major project in both my Core Studio and Seminar course, my Studio professor told me to create vector-drawn Adobe Illustrator versions of one or two of the more climactic scenes in my comic. My Seminar professor told me weeks prior to tint each panel of my comic a different color so viewers could better identify which panel belonged to which storyline, and thus which “nation” in particular.

I have included in this account of my project the initial drawings I did for my comic above, as well as the Photoshop tinted versions of each page of my comic, not to mention the one or two Illustrator versions of two of my comic pages. The supplementary document telling the written story of the Experimental Picture Book will also be included, and will hopefully clarify what could not be told in my comic with merely color and the interactions between the colors of different “nations”.







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