Modular Masters (New School Free Press Series #1)

Modular Masters Revised (New School Free Press Series #1)

As part of my recent hiring as a header graphic designer for the newsletter “The New School Free Press”, I was tasked by my Graphics Editor to create a header on Adobe Illustrator about an upcoming article in the newsletter called “Modular Masters”, which, in summary, discusses graduate students’ options for graduate degrees and how they can earn their degrees with a predetermined curriculum and course path, or be more flexible with the course choices, yet still arrive at the degree they are seeking for to ensure success in their careers. Not long before this post, I was given the color palette for the header, and envisioned the branching flexible paths of a graduate student towards success in different fields as a tree with branches and roots leading to different disciplines. Near the bottom of the header, some people I rendered are colored in correspondence to the color of certain leaves that represent certain disciplines, highlighting the perks of specialization and the objective of “Modular Masters”.

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