Core Studio 4D Cat and Mouse Animation + Lip Synch Test

For my Core Studio 4D class, I was assigned for my first major project the task of creating an animation using both digital means (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) and analog means (chiefly through an index card flip book). After much trail and error, and experimenting with frames and the length of my first flip book animation, I created a 23-frame short called “Cat and Mouse”, making use of several animation techniques such as stills and holds, line boils, running and walking cycles, zoom ins (transitions using zooming eyes) and more. I published my animation on Vimeo and will be including the .mp4 file below as well as a link to the video on Vimeo.

Recently, my Core Studio 4D class also began dabbling in lip synching animations in preparation for my second project due, in which I have to create an animatic and later an animation based on the sound file of a story told to me by someone. Prior to this, one of the class exercises consisted of creating a lip synch animation based on a sound file provided to me out of a list of files by my professor. I cut down the sound file I chose so that it would depict a character saying “Damn hippies”. The sound of the character’s voice made me immediately think of some old-timey old man figure who bared a strange resemblance to Walt Whitman (or Gandalf), whose mouth moves in my lip synch as the animation goes along. It is posted below.

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