Projection Mapping Essay (Core Seminar 4D)– 200-300 words

Projection Mapping Essay:

Imagineers in Exile— Projection Mapping Storytelling by “a dandypunk”

Imagineers in Exile is a phantasmagoric, fantastical experience of an art installation created by projection mapping artist “a dandypunk”, using projection mapping software along other novel techniques, creating a new conceptual way of telling a story never seen before. It merges both gorgeous Lovecraftian illustrations of strange hyper-dimensional monsters and surreal landscapes with the magical properties of projection mapping, which imbue these drawings with life, and enhance the experiences of the viewer beyond those that could be derived from merely reading or exploring the world of a fantasy novel.

Using projections projected upon the walls of the art gallery room this installation is in, certain drawn characters are brought to life as they travel across the walls and illustrations of the exhibition, giving Imagineers in Exile a vibrant “graphic novel” flair that makes the viewer’s experience memorable. I found myself captivated by the narrative shown on the trailer of this installation, as well as the appropriate song “Gods and Monsters” by Lana del Rey from the “witch house, neofolk, and dark electronic” band V▲LH▲LL. The music gives this world a very demonic and mythological feel, but in a positive way.

The narrative itself, from what I could gather from the trailer, chronicles the tale of two friends, “an alchemist and an angel”, who are bound to only exist in the world of drawings, and from what I can presume, are under the control of the “Ink God” (the creator of this world), who is obsessed with the act of creation using ink, but doesn’t care from where he gets it, “as long as it flows”. I couldn’t find the actual full exhibition anywhere for me to see the entire story, only the trailer, so I can only extrapolate that the alchemist and the angel are in some sort of conflict between one another, or despise the Ink God for trapping them in the world of drawing, and seek freedom. Still, I loved watching the excerpts from this art installation, and would absolutely love to apply and merge my detailed illustration work with projection mapping to bring my own creations to life, just like “a dandypunk”.

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