Class Animation Project– Core Studio 4D Project 3

Spaceship 1

Spaceship 2

Spaceship 3

Spaceship 4

Spaceship 5

Spaceship 6

Spaceship 7

Spaceship 8

Spaceship 9

Spaceship 10

Spaceship 11

Spaceship 12

For the 3rd and penultimate animation project for my Core Studio 4D class, the entire class is currently working on and is about to shoot a sci-fi stop motion animation with various figurines and environments made up of different materials, such as clay, textiles, and more. I have contributed to the class animation, it being science fiction and taking place on an alternate world, by volunteering to bring in robotic figurines made out of LEGOs that I built during Spring Break, and, more recently, by showcasing drawings of spaceships that I made that will be green screened and projected onto the sets of the animation using projection mapping at some point in the near future. In the narrative of this animation, there is a war going on outside the planet, and technology is destroying the planet. My robots will obliterate everything in their path, as will my spaceships. I tested the stop-motion possibilities of my LEGO robots by shooting them frame by frame while moving under a camera using Dragonframe and have included pictures of my creations for all to see. I made sure to scan my spaceship drawings at the right dpi and in color, so manipulation on Photoshop could be easier. I eliminated the white backgrounds of the drawings, since they were done on paper, then colored parts of my drawings a shade of green, then increased their saturation and vibrancy to make them pop out. The final products are shown here, unless they are in need of revision. An update on the class project will follow this post, showcasing my spaceships projected on the actual sets of the project, and my LEGO robots in action.

LEGO creations together

LEGO Scorpion Mech, and his Assistant

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