Final Core Studio 4D Project WIP Update: Salazar– Conqueror of Ernytha

I’ve developed my final animation project much more over the past few days, and agonized for hours on end how I was not only going to make the logistics of the fantasy world I’ve created work, but also how I’d present this world using the techniques of animation in a trailer. Below are examples of concept and character art that I drew with both pen and pencil, fantasy mapping for the world of Ernytha (the world this saga takes place in), and the storyboarding I will be developing more in the coming weeks as a foundation for the actual animation. In comparison to my previous post about this project, I’ve made a lot of changes to the characters and their backstories, the title of the animation itself, as well as the overarching plot elements this world has to offer. Whereas this project was once just a little random idea that I wasn’t sure would go anywhere, it is now a fully fleshed out universe that has a clear plot and clear goal/end in mind. I modified my original drawings on Photoshop for clarity and crispness.

For the sake of brevity, the creation story of this world is that basically “long ago”, an event known as the Great Rift occurred near Earth, in which the Sun’s power was used to open an inter-dimensional portal from another reality and into ours by eagle-like god-aliens called the Aetos. The event drew in so much of the Sun’s power that it caused it to shrink and turn red, which, in turn, perturbed the orbits of Mercury and Venus, causing them to crash into one another and form the new molten planet of “Myrven”. The Earth was pulled in closer to what used to be Venus so it didn’t immediately freeze over with the help of the Aetos, as the outer planets beyond Mars flew off into space without a strong source of gravity keeping them together. The day the Great Rift happened coincided with the inauguration day of the hypothetical 50th president of the United States (we are now at 45), implying this takes place sometime in the far future.

After the Aetos descended upon Earth, they “enveloped” America in a bathing field of light, which turned all the humans in its borders and in its colonies into one of four types of monsters. America then ballooned in size and subsumed all the other continents of the world, becoming its own supercontinent unlike any ever seen before. The land of Ernytha.

And that’s all I’m going to say for now. Read the storyboard below to find out more, or stay tuned for the animation to not only read, but also listen and visualize the story before you (I’m planning on adding voice overs, narration, and sound effects alongside the typical animation).

Character Designs 1

Character Designs 2

Ernytha before Libertas

New Ernytha (after Libertas fight)

The Teachings and Alchemy of Salazar

Storyboard 1– The Beginning

Storyboard 2– The Four Tribes and the Empire

Storyboard 3– Colossus Libertas

Storyboard 4- On Taleuka…

Storyboard 5– The Rise and Apex of Salazar

Storyboard 6– Libertas Reborn, Salazar Apotheosized

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