Ernytha: Salazar Ascending Trailer Movie

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Throughout this final week leading up to the end of the semester, I made an obscene amount of progress from my previous post about my final animation regarding its completion. I scanned the frames of my drawings in, partially colored them, imported them into Adobe Premiere Pro, downloaded dozens of free sounds including a musical track from and a recorded medieval battle sound effect from Youtube, watched dozens of tutorials on how to perfect certain effects on Premiere Pro, improvised and made some last minute changes to the progression of the animation, used Garageband to modify my own voice acting using different vocals (robot, deep, helium, etc), and iTunes to import .wav files or readable files from my downloads bar, etc.

Most of the sounds that I used in my animation came from, with the epic musical score in the background being attributed to Eric Matyas from, and a certain roar coming from The voice acting is me, of course, although I did make substantial changes to my original script that weren’t there before.

I used the following techniques in my final animation:

Premiere Pro:

  • Cross Dissolve (for smooth transition between frames),
  • Dip to White/Black (for dramatic effect and to communicate the idea of a flashback)
  • Changing time/duration of both sound and visual clips.
  • Treble/Chorus/AU Pitch audio effect for some sound
  • Vocal enhancer (changed by voice from male to female)
  • Position Keyframes/ Scale Keyframes (for camera jitter effect, and zoom-ins)
  • Fine adjusted volume of each individual sound file (this was tedious and arduous) so that certain voices wouldn’t blare out of the speakers.


  • Echo/Pitch/Ambience/Reverb– used to modify voices using various vocal settings
  • Deeper Vocal– this is my favorite thing about Garageband hands down. I made Salazar sound EVIL.
  • Helium Vocal– for certain voices and sounds
  • Robot Vocal– for the hero character on the machine with legs/wings

Some notable sounds I used and modified in Garageband/overlaid in Premiere with effects:

  • Power Lines– used with Deeper/Robot vocal for some killer electricity sounds coming from Salazar
  • Salazar’s voice– used Deeper vocal with reverb to make him sound demonic as all hell
  • Earthquake sound (from Soundbible)
  • Tsunami sound for rushing water
  • Thunder sound for some scenes with Salazar
  • Red tailed hawk cry (from Soundbible)– for the bird god. This sound, I found strangely enough, is often the sound most people confuse for an eagle cry because of its frequent use in Hollywood movies featuring eagles. An eagle’s cry is actually far less intimidating than the red tailed hawk’s.
  • Battle horn (used in the beginning to signal war on the island of Mount Rushmore)
  • Godzilla roar– from I modified it using the deeper vocal. This roar was used for Salazar’s final godly form, in which he merges with the Colossus Libertas.

The song I used from is Eric Martyas’s “Battle Climax v001”, which has been modified somewhat, with some parts extended and looped. The medieval army battle effect in the background was recorded from a Youtube video of a medieval battle sound effect from JECT Productions. Enjoy the animation, which is EXACTLY 2 minutes long!

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