Cat and Mouse Animation Update/Revision (Core Studio 4D)


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Referring to a past post of mine in which I discussed one of my first animation assignments for my Core Studio 4D class, I recently decided to revise and spruce up the animation’s quality by adding sound effects and music to the animated frames of the computer cat chasing the computer mouse on Adobe Premiere Pro. I also did some editing work on the pacing of some of the frames so certain parts of the animation ran a little faster than in its previous iteration. The mouse clicking in the background near the end is meant to give a certain sense of urgency as the mouse (a literal computer mouse) frantically clicks in panic seeing the cat approach it (mimicking our own panic when we see for example, a virus pop-up appear on our computer and we frantically try to click back towards another page, etc).

I used the following sound effects/music (I will be including the credits next to each piece):

  • Keyboard sound at the beginning/cat meowing are from (free to use, royalty-free, public domain, etc).
  • Music at the beginning is “Sneaky Cat” by Eric Matyas (from
  • Mouse squeaking noise in the middle is from “Nakhas” (
  • Song at the end is taken from “Call to Adventure” by Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License,

I do not own any of the songs/effects used in this animation. All of them belong to their respective owners.

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