Refined Currency Project Sketches– Alien Tulip and Planck Coin

Alien Tulip– Anthodone

Planck Coin Proof of Concept


Continuing my currency project for Core Seminar 3D, here are my two refined sketches/proof-of-concepts for my second and third make-believe currencies (Alien Tulip, and Planck Coin, not to scale). In the sketches for the alien crop, the nectar comes out of the center of the flower amidst its numerous petals, and in the sketches of the Planck Coin, the design specifically makes it clear that the currency is only a few dozen atoms wide, and a few atoms thick. It is seriously about the size of a nano chip or transistor about to break the limits of Moore’s Law regarding the size of transistors. My sketches were originally done in my sketchbook (just like in the last post about the currency project), but this time I refined them in Photoshop by increasing the contrast, and fiddling around with the exposure, gamma correction, etc.

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