Past, Present, and Future Project– Mechamorphosis

Mechamorph Past Front

Mechamorph Present Front (Upright)

Mechamorph Future Side (Wings attached)

Mechamorph Future Front

Mechamorph at Rest

As part of my Studio 3D class, I was tasked to conceptualize the idea of “Past, Present, and Future” in a project. I came up with a few sketches illustrating the idea of a person starting off in the past as a cocooned figure, the present as the figure emerging, and the future as the figure with fully grown butterfly wings. My resultant model was made out of LEGOs  and large in size. I took several pictures of my finished models at different angles, with the past version being cooped up as if asleep, then the present version standing upright, and finally the future version becoming fully “evolved” with its wings.


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