Personal Development Cartoons (Summer Internship)

Test Cartoons 1 Color

Test Cartoons 2 Color

Test Cartoons 3 Color

Angel and Demon #1 Color

The Noble Eightchoice Path (Angel and Demon #2)

TRUE Procrastination (Angel and Demon #3) Color

Be like Fortress Fred

Mandy at a Pizzeria

Short Term Long Term Comic

Time Judge Lawyer Comic

Tree of Signs

Three Monsters

Two more Monster friends

Fear of Not Getting Things Done Armadillo

Project 1 Cartoon Ideas

Checks and Balances

Last summer, I got accepted to work as a cartoonist for a NYC-based personal and professional development company called Arootah (as a summer internship). I created several cartoon characters and little skits or stories tailored towards presenting to an audience several personal development skills and pitfalls (such as procrastination, saving money, etc). One of the cartoons I created featured an angel and demon character that ended up appearing in two or three other cartoons, turning the first cartoon I created with them into the first cartoon in a mini-series. 

I created the cartoons first by drawing them with pencil on paper, then scanning them and sprucing them up a bit in Photoshop. I made the lines of the panels and of the characters darker and more prominent by increasing the Brightness but also the Contrast of the cartoons slightly, and by fiddling around with the exposure settings (by controlling variables of Exposure, Offset, and Gamma Correction). I also filled in gaps between lines with the pencil tool. After that, I colored them with specific shades of specific colors with the Brush tool and the Fill tool (for when I got slightly lazy).

I am, overall, very proud of the hard work I put into each and every cartoon, from the design of my characters to the quality of their phrases and interactions, and the puns involved. The internship was, overall, very satisfying and fun to do.

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