New School Comics Collective Zine Submission

A Meeting with Anima

I recently submitted a concept for a 2-page comic to the New School Comics Collective for their call for submissions having to do with the theme “Esoteric”.

The concept is as follows:

Basically, a being from our universe is able to escape it, and discovers a vaguely female goddess is responsible for the creation of all possible realms, which come out of her thoughts. This goddess is called Anima. “Anima” is a Jungian term which denotes the feminine aspect of a man, but also literally means “mind” or “soul” in Latin, and is the Greek translation of the word psyche. She combines the idea of Anima as well as the idea of a “creatrix”, or a female creator goddess. Anima is designed in such a way that there are infinity and female symbol markings all over her. The veil she wears is a cosmic veil (the fabric of the Universe). She also considers every Universe she creates as her precious child, and also a treasure (a connection to the idea of Indra’s Net, and its view of all realities being jewels). Anima tells the young being that she deposed a tyrannical male god who came prior to her and made Universes with suffering and disaster. She is just now starting to set things straight, hence the stable state of the Universe now compared to its former chaos. Anima then sends the curious being back to his home universe, wishing him well.

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