The Cold Signal Theory– Graphic Narrative Two Points of View Project

The Cold Signal Theory


For my first Graphic Narrative Project, I was tasked with creating a ten panel comic (in two rows of five) looking at a situation from two points of view. Having recently watched the film Contact (1997), I was inspired to create a comic subverting the notion of first contact with aliens and adding a humorous twist. The “Cold Signal” Theory as I like to call it postulates that the reason we haven’t come into contact with aliens yet (despite sending out tons of signals out into space practically screaming the fact we’re lonely) is not because the Universe is quiet or because life is rare, but because we’re too damn loud and have become the equivalent of galactic telemarketers, spamming messages that we’re here as if begging for attention like a needy person in a romantic relationship. Essentially, the reason no one’s visited us yet is because we’ve annoyed the local galactic community to the point that they’ve begun to block us like a tired social media user, having probably picked up our signals probably since the airing of “I Love Lucy” back in the 1950s.

I created the comic by first drawing it on multiple sheets of paper, scanning them all, increasing their exposure and contrast in Photoshop, and coloring them with the paint bucket, filling in any open spaces with small brush strokes. I got the starry nebula pattern in the background of many of the frames by using a special type of brush with unique brushstrokes downloaded from as a preset or Photoshop add-on online. I then added the title last.


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