Week 13: Pages 11-12 of Superhero Comic (Continuation over Winter Break)

Heroshima Page 11

Heroshima Page 12

As promised in my previous posts, I have begun working on the remainder of my Senior Thesis Superhero Comic. The first 2 pages of the 6 pages I plan to have done by the end of winter break are uploaded above. In these two pages, Hasaki Gozen, and her mentor, Ginkgo Girl finally have Foxphorus cornered on the rooftop of the Sunshine 60 building in Tokyo, Japan. They have been chasing him for several weeks all across the country, trying to put out the fires he has set to numerous cities and locales in Japan, for seemingly no discernible reason than “because he simply can”. Unfortunately, even with the help of the police and the military, Foxphorus manages to escape in a bright explosion that kills Ginkgo Girl, who contains most of the blast using her plant powers. The next 2 pages detail Hasaki’s deep sorrow and pain upon the realization that Ginkgo Girl has been utterly vaporized by Foxphorus’s attack, and her resulting isolation from the world in the midst of her severe depression and trauma.

In a word, Hasaki is crushed– she feels like she can no longer handle the pressure of being a hero without her mentor by her side, because for years she looked up to her for guidance, and latched onto her almost like a daughter would to her mother. Ginkgo Girl was the only individual Hasaki knew that accepted her for who she was, and showed her kindness and love. Now, Hasaki, seeing her idol die in front of her, plummets to her absolute lowest point, emotionally and psychologically– her darkest hour.

As you will soon see in my next post, while Hasaki must defeat Foxphorus at some point for the sake of Japan, the true villain of this comic appears to be Hasaki’s own horrible past, which haunts her even in her adulthood. If she has any hope of fighting and achieving victory over Foxphorus, and other villains who will no doubt rise up in the future, she must first defeat her dark side, and move on from her traumatic past– she must be strong in the face of a world altered by the emergence of the atom bomb, and mutants. She must develop nerves of steel, and a heart of iron– become as indestructible and as piercing as the metallic fingernails emerging from her hands.

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