Week 15: Final Post– Pages 15-16 of Superhero Comic

Heroshima Page 15

Heroshima Page 16

Above, I have attached the last two pages of my Senior Thesis superhero comic, as promised. I made several changes from what I originally intended my last two pages to depict (featured in my sketches).

In my original concept, Hasaki was not so crushed by guilt, sorrow, anger and self-hatred to the point of suicide, but I chose to depict her in such a vulnerably and terrible state because I felt it was appropriate, considering her dark past as an ostracized superhero, and especially in light of the death of the one person who actually cared about her.

Hasaki, in my original concept, also came to the realization that Japan needed her help after seeing a TV report of Tokyo Tower being attacked by Foxphorus.

In this new, more dramatic version of the comic, Hasaki’s suicide attempt is interrupted by the police, the mafia, the military, and the overall government. They show her a newspaper with terrifying news: Foxphorus (sporting a new, imposing costume) has attacked the National Diet Building (basically Japan’s Congress) and captured the Emperor and the Prime Minister during an important government meeting.

Furthermore, he’s declared himself Japan’s new “Solar Emperor”, and published a “Mutant Manifesto”, calling mutants to rise up and take revenge against humanity and society for how they have treated them. Foxphorus is no longer a mere psychotic maniac with seemingly no motivation to his crimes, but now is a psychotic maniac who has become the leader of a team of villainous mutants (“The Nefarious Nine”) and desires the overthrow of human society in favor of “rule by mutants”.

The date of his coup against the Japanese government– April 24, 1984, coincides with the sighting of an X-class solar flare by astronomers (in real life). Foxphorus purposefully timed his attack so that on the day of his ascent to power, he could utilize the power of the solar flare to increase the strength of his powers, and possibly cripple humanity’s efforts to stop him.

Fortunately, Hasaki Gozen, in the last panel of the comic, arrives on scene to put a stop to Foxphorus’s plans, who sadistically gloats of his accomplishments– including killing Ginkgo Girl. Can she finally defeat this psychopath, however, knowing full well that he was powerful enough to kill her master? Can she overpower him knowing that she’s gotten a little rusty in her fighting skills, due to disappearing for several months?

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