Senior Thesis 2– Week 1: Questionnaire

Senior Thesis 2 Questionnaire Page 1

Senior Thesis 2 Questionnaire Page 2

Having just started my Senior Thesis 2 class, I was tasked to fill out a questionnaire in my first class asking about the progress of my Senior Thesis work from Senior Thesis 1, how I felt about my project as a whole, my goals for the semester (redrawing the cover for my superhero comic, working on my presentation, etc), what my ambitions were for the future in terms of career, how I could prepare myself, and what my anxieties or fears were post-graduation (I am mostly concerned with finances and artist’s or writer’s block, as well as becoming oversaturated with so many ideas that I fail to realize any one of them). I decided to post the answers to the questionnaire for my first blog post of the semester.

In my next blog post (Week 2), I will be posting sketches of my redrawn cover for my superhero comic, as the one I initially did came off as too cartoonish for me (and other students liked the ideas I had for the cover initially, which suited the darker tone of my project). My new cover will reflect both the input of classmates and the more adult themes present in my superhero comic.

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