Senior Thesis 2– Week 2: Cover Sketches

Heroshima Cover Sketches

As promised, I have attached to this post (my second for the semester) my sketches for the revised book cover I am planning on doing for my superhero comic. I gave myself the time and space to really think about what I wanted to convey with my book cover, and just tried out different configurations to see what fits. I drew Hasaki Gozen in different poses, positioned the Japanese Rising Sun in different quadrants or sections of the book cover, experimented regarding the layout of the title text, and tried out different handmade fonts and styles for the book cover, all in order to choose a combination of all these aspects that could visually convey the type of superhero comic this is. My favorite covers are 2 (resembling the original one I had drawn in my previous semester), and 6 (which looks badass and mysterious).

For next week, I will upload either my fixed presentation for my superhero comic (a Powerpoint), or continue to refine my book cover (uploading my font design of choice for the book cover title as a separate, independent document). After that, I plan to start uploading my ideas for future projects for Senior Thesis 2.

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