Senior Thesis 2– Week 3: In-Progress Cover + Updates

Heroshima Cover Combined (In Progress)

Above I have attached the in-progress book cover for my Senior Thesis comic, which was scanned and modified in Photoshop using multiple layers. I opted to use only three colors (and their shades) for the cover, for artistic effect: red, black, and white. The red of the Japanese rising Sun coincides with the blood beneath Hasaki, and around her, representing the violence and brutality of this superhero comic.

I also have some updates regarding the progression of my project:

  1. I am planning on having the entire comic book printed out at Staples in Union Square, with the book cover (above) likely being printed out in weightier cardstock paper. Thanks to recommendations from my professors, I will have the comic bound by staples, since it will look cleaner and more professional for presentation than coil binding or another form of binding.
  2. I will likely have the cover and the accompanying title text completed by the end of the week, just in time for presentation practice next week.

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